Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Resurrection Sunday, 2012

Sam and Ben looked so handsome in their suits.  I failed to realize that Ben's coat was blue and paired it with black pants.  I don't think he cared!

 Emma was having none of it.
 This is kind of how the picture taking went for a while.
 Everyone was so happy.  NOT
 Aha.  The reason for her being upset?  One of her sisters put this headband on her at the last minute and she did not like it.
 Now that's better!
 So cute!  The hat, the purse, the socks, the dress...nothing like dressing up a little girl!
 These two babies were having fun comparing shoes.

 And giving hugs.
 Family picture take 1
 Family picture take 2
 Family picture take 3.  Oh well.  It is what it is.  (I think someone deleted some off the camera.  grrr)
 The only pic I got of my kids together.  Again, some were deleted.  Grrrr
 Paul and I.
 Paul Jr. and emma.  Youngest and Oldest.  Both have loads of hair!!
 Not sure what Ben's problem was here.
 The birthday boys!
What Emma's hat looked like the day after. 

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