Monday, April 19, 2010

Here's a Peek...

Here she is in all her glory! Miss Emma Grace, 27 weeks into the pregnancy. If you look at the top picture, you can see her face, like you are looking straight down on top of her. The bottom picture is her profile.

It is interesting how we agreed upon the name Emma Grace. If Benjamin was a girl, that would have been his name, so going into this pregnancy we knew we already had a girls name we loved and, more importantly, both agreed upon. We knew if we had a girl we wanted her name to start with an A or an E to go along with Anna and Ellie. Interesting enough and without any planning, all my parents granddaughters have names that begin with A or E. Even more interesting, all the girls names alternate A and E according to their ages: Amy, Emily, Anna, Ellie, Andie Mae and Emma Grace.

But it is hard coming up with a girls name we both agreed on that started with A or E. Finally, Paul suggested Emma. I loved it. I came up with Grace, because I love that name too and because we wanted her to have a Biblical part to her name. After we decided on that name, I realized that I have a great-grandmother and an Aunt with the name Emma. And just this week, Paul found out that he has a great great great grandmother with the name Emma also. So it turns out it is a family name on both sides.

How cool is that??


Paul Sr. said...

That is VERY cool dear. I'm so glad that I don't have to convince you of all my awesome boy's names now.
Someone already commented that the face on ultrasound looks like Samuel. That would fit the pattern. Paul, Anna, & Sam are all very much alike physically as are Zack, Ellie, & Ben. Emma should have lighter hair, leaner build, possible blue eyes, etc.
Looking forward to seeing her.

Paul Sr. said...

I also never realized the alternating A & E names...Aren't we snappy!

Gretchen said...

I got teared up looking at those pictures and reading about your precious Emma Grace! I love that name, and I'm so excited for you. How are you feeling? SOmetime you need to write a post comparing how it is to be pregnant the first time to how it is this time. Or just comparing all your pregnancies. Again, I'm just so HAPPY for you!

Anonymous said...

congrats Elizabeth! Love the names. ! :)


Anonymous said...