Sunday, March 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • I'm having a hard time consistently blogging lately. Partly because my laptop is very sick with a virus and may not recover at all; therefore, I have to use someone else's computer. My laptop is not even a year old- hopefully we'll be able to look at it this week. I sure do miss it.
  • I am now 25 weeks along- 15 weeks to go.
  • My blood pressure is doing great- 127/71 the last time I took it. I have a dr. appointment in the morning, so prayerfully, it will still be low. I will ask about another ultrasound, but I am not sure if I'll get another, which means we may be surprised in July. Part of me thinks that would be great, but another part of me wants to find out NOW.
  • Paul bought a new truck. A nice, big truck that seats 5. It is in great condition. He is LOVING it and I am loving the fact that I have my car all the time now. It is so nice to have a third vehicle with Paul and Zack working so much now.
  • Paul, Jr. has been working at Walmart the past few weeks and the movie theatre and going to school. He's been very busy, but very thankful for the work. Zack is working at the movie theater and doing his lawn care business every day.
  • The cherry blossoms are in full bloom here now and are breathtaking. Every year I am amazed by their beauty.
  • We are having a Seder meal at our church this coming Tuesday to celebrate Passover. We've never been and are looking forward to it.
  • Sam turns 5 in a week and a half. I can hardly believe it.
  • My little brother turns 40 at the end of this week- can hardly believe that either.
  • My parents are coming for a visit next week- yay! We are all excited.
  • Our dryer has been out for a week and it will be the end of this week before the new part comes in. Thankfully the weather has been nice a few days and the girls have been hanging all our clothes out. BUt we are so behind! One of my friends gave me a key to her house and told me to go over whenever and use her dryer (bless her heart!), so between that and hanging clothes out, we hope to get caught up this week.
  • Life is good. God is good. We are so blessed.


Rebecca said...

I understand about the virus mess...mine was really messed up too. Thank goodness for Best Buy Geek Squad but next time I know to just wipe out the hard drive and use the recovery disk now that everything is backed up.
I also understand about the dryer. Josh's visit threw me off and I feel behind for the week. I went to get started on it yesterday and found my clothes still wet after the dryer cycle. The heating element is out. Hopefully I can get it fixed within the next week or two...thank God mom lives so close!! Can't believe Sam is going on 5 already! Where does the time go!

Anonymous said...

Girls, girls
priceless lol
Love, MOm

Jamie said...

I haven't been by in FOREVER (and I barely blog these days, facebook has taken over)! WOW, you're expecting again!!! That is SOOOOO exciting, congrats! I'm (only) 9 weeks along but we're sooo very excited the Lord has blessed us again!