Monday, February 22, 2010

Ben and Becky's birthday party

Ben shares his birthday with his second cousin, Becky, so we had a combined party for them tonight.

Benjamin even got his own little cake, which he thoroughly enjoyed! He loves blowing out the candles.
Becky got her own cake too.

And then he got to blow out the candle on the big cake!
See that look? It says, MIne! All MIne!


And more yum!
Presents. Benjamin got so many nice cars, boats, a bath toy, a small piano and even underwear!
We tried the underwear on when we got home and he did not want to take them off. So as a compromise, he wore the underwear over his diaper when he went to bed.

Becky got some nice gifts too: a watch, a Bible, a DSI and a sweatshirt.

They both had a wonderful time, as did we all.

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