Tuesday, January 19, 2010

High Risk

I've been high risk with every pregnancy, some more than others, and always due to blood pressure. It's been my nemesis, never knowing when I walk into the doctor's office what it will be. At times, I've left the doctor's office and went straight to the hospital because it had been so high. I try to stay calm, but it can be nerve wracking, not knowing what the numbers will be from appointment to appointment and never knowing when or if I'll be put on bedrest.

This pregnancy has started out with a bang with my old friend. First time I went to the doctor, back in December, my blood pressure was through the roof. The doc didn't seem too concerned and switched my medicine to a pregnancy friendly medicine. When I went back in January, my blood pressure was the same- very, very, scary high. The doctor then informed me that I was "too high risk" for him, between my bp reading and my "advanced" age. He sent me to the high risk doctor here in town.

I had my first appointment yesterday. Again, my bp was very high, although somewhat better than at the first doctors. They were very concerned, and put me on a second medicine. I was starting to get concerned about these high readings, knowing that it can't be good for me or the baby. I have been taking it rather easy since I went to the first doctor.

I tested my bp at Walmart today. Are you ready?


Let me say that again.



Thank you God!! I was so relieved that it is normal right now. I know it probably won't stay that way and I'll deal with it when it comes, but for right now, I am enjoying being "normal". Now if only the morning sickness would leave me for good...


Anonymous said...

I checked with Walmart about their testing machines, and the assured me they are checked every two weeks. Wonderful, Walmart has a calming effect on my bp too.
Love yoy, Mom

Paul Sr. said...

Wow! With all the napping, I thought you WERE on bedrest!

Elizabeth said...

Nope, just tired from GROWING A BABY! When and if I'm on bedrest, you'll know it!!

willson said...
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