Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jackson at 7 months

 Jackson turned 7 months old this week.  (Actually, he was due to turn 7 months on the 29th, but this is February, which has no 29th, so I guess that means he turned 7 months on March 1st?)
 He weighs about 20 pounds, right on track for his age.  He had some kind of a stomach bug the last week or so, and he was very disinterested in eating or drinking his bottle.  He never threw up,  but was not himself and lost his appetite.
 However, since recovering from that bug, he has gained back all interest in eating and devours his food!  He enjoys squash, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, bananas and oatmeal.  He doesn't care for green vegetables or any tart fruits.

 He crawls all over the house and his favorite thing to crawl to is the dog's water.  He sits up like a champ, and has started pulling up on the sides of the playpen and crib.  He will hold out his hands when he wants to be picked up.
 His favorite thing to do is crawl and explore.  He loves to crawl in the big rooms at the church.  He also loves to play with his siblings.  He adores Emma and thinks anything she does is amazing.  Sam and Ben have both been such a big help in watching him as he crawls around.
 Jackson is still a great sleeper.  He takes 2 long naps and 1 short nap every day and sleeps about 10 hours a night.  He hardly ever fusses when he's put down in his crib and wakes up happy and "talking".
 He is so sweet and happy and easy.  He reminds me of Anna and Ellie the most in looks, but also looks like Sam and Ben.
Love this baby!!

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