Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's been how long??

Over 2 weeks.  It's been over 2 weeks since my last post.  I don't know where the time goes sometimes- it just seems to fly.

  • We had our end of the year celebration for the classical school we are involved in last night.  What a great time we had.  I have pictures to post of it- both Sam and Ben did a great job reciting with their classes.
  • Anna turns 17 next Sunday.  Wow.  It doesn't seem that long ago that she was Emma's age.
  • Ellie was able to return to Kansas with her grandparents for a month.  She was so excited (as was her Grandma, her Aunt Rebecca and her cousin Emily).  We will miss her.
  • Paul and I leave on our 25th anniversary cruise to Alaska next Sunday.  Woo-Hoo!  We are both so excited. This is a dream come true for both of us.
  • Except for nighttime, Emma is completely potty trained, and she's very close at night.  I'm so relieved to have that over with.  Diapers are not one of the things I will miss about babies!  I've been buying diapers for over 8 years straight, so to not have that in the budget is very nice.
  • My parents were here this past week for a visit.  They had not been here in over a year.  We had such a nice time.  My kids just love it when they come.  Emma was Grandma's shadow the entire time she was here.  But, she couldn't get it straight which one was Grandma and which one was Grandpa.
  • Ben has an obsession with coloring.  He loves to draw, cut, glue and color and is the happiest when he is doing this.  A few weeks ago we ran out of paper and the boy was almost frantic.  He is so serious about his creations.
  • Sam thoroughly enjoyed playing baseball this season.  He is pretty good at it and loves the camaraderie of being on a team.
  • Ben, on the other hand, really had no clue what he was doing when it came to baseball, but he had fun nevertheless.
  • Emma loved going to baseball because it meant she could play on the playground for a long while.
  • Lots of pictures coming. (maybe!)

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