Sunday, September 30, 2012

Emma and the Green paint

I had been looking forward to Friday evening for a few days.  The girls were at a youth conference all weekend and Paul and Sam had gone hunting, so it was just going to be Emma, Ben and I.  Ben wanted to do something special because he couldn't go hunting, so we went to Chick a lay and then to Walmart to buy candy.  I was planning on letting the kids watch a few cartoons while I sewed and then I was going to put them to bed so I could finish sewing.
I was getting my sewing stuff ready when I heard Ben.  "MOM!  LOOK WHAT EMMA DID!"  I knew immediately it was not going to be good, and it wasn't. 

 Earlier that day, I had bought a tube of paint.  It had fallen out of the bag in the van so I just threw it in the diaper bag so it wouldn't get left in the van.  I had forgotten about this and didn't notice it in the diaper bag which had been left in the living room.
 It was in a tube like lotion.  Emma loves putting on lotion.  I am assuming she thought she was putting on lotion.  Green lotion.
 She did a pretty good job covering herself.  And the couch.
 I picked her up under her arms and carried her like that to the bathroom where I put her in the tub.  She thought the whole ordeal was fun!
 The water turned green which just added to the excitement.  Ben couldn't stand it and had to get in the green tub also.  Thankfully, it was Crayola washable paint and came right off.  Even the couch.
 And Emma was as good as new.
Needless to say, after all that excitement, I didn't get much sewing done at all.

Simon the cat

 Simon has made himself at home these past few weeks and pretty much feels as if he has the run of the house.

 curled up in a basket
 riding the skateboard
 Um, doing whatever
 Sleeping on my bed.  Yes, he has tried to claim my bed as his own.

And it looks like he has succeeded.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Emma Grace

 Guess what we are beginning?  Yep, you guessed right!  Emma is starting potty training!  I will be glad for the end result, but I am not really looking forward to the journey to get to that end result!  We are all hoping Emma takes after Ben who trained very easily rather than Sam who took his own sweet time.  Go Emma!

One day Emma intently studied Shnitzel who was digging in the dirt.  Next thing I knew, she was down, digging just like him. It was the cutest thing.

 She loves being outside and playing in the dirt.  It's her favorite thing to do.
 Love her eyes.  Love her hair.  Love this baby who is too quickly turning into a little girl.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Labor Day Getaway

I'm so far behind that I'm just now posting pics of our Labor Day getaway to the N. Georgia mountains.  We left Sunday after church and arrived that evening.  We had hoped to stay two nights, but they only had room for us to stay one night.  We got there and hit the pool, the big bathtub and Ingles supermarket.

 The next morning we had planned to swim and then head to STone Mountain for the day.  We woke up to drizzly, wet weather and a few of us not feeling well.  Change of plans.

 The kids didn't mind the weather and went swimming anyway and loved it.

We then went to a big malll and had a nice dinner out then home.  Even though it wasn't what we planned, it was still a nice, relaxful time.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Park

One unseasonably cool August evening plus 3 wild kids equals a night at the park.
Of course, there is no trip to the park without some fishing involved.
Even if there is no catching of said fish.

She loved the slide.  Gave me a mini heart attack when she walked too close to the edge.

Look at that face!  Priceless!

That made me feel a bit better.

 She wasn't so sure about the small slide.  IT was lower but much faster.

 Sam and Ben being monkeys.

What a face!