Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Hard to believe that it's the last weekend of "summer" already! We've had a busy 3 days, but a good busy. Saturday, we spent the day at the home of good friends of ours. It was a laid back, relaxing day, full of visiting, fellowship and food. Our entire family (other than Paul who had to work) enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Sunday was church. We had a wonderful service. The music was spectacular and Paul did such a good job on the sermon. I truly enjoyed the day. Paul, Anna and I sang a special for the offertory, accompanied by Zack. I wish we would have recorded it so I could have heard it. The weather on Sunday was perfect! Cool breeze, warm sun and hints of Fall in the air. I sat on the porch for a while with Emma, enjoying the porch swing as she fell asleep.

Today we spent most of the day at Sherry and Phil's with the rest of the family. It was, again, a perfect weather day. The breeze coming off the lake was heavenly. The kids swam most of the afternoon and went for boat rides, while the adults visited and ate. It was a nice way to end the summer.

We are starting school this week, probably Wednesday. We are all ready to be back on a routine, especially me. Emma has been sleeping 8-9 hours at night, so I feel pretty confident that I will be able to get a good nights sleep, which is what I was worried about with a new baby and starting school. Sam starts Kindergarten this year which is unbelievable to me! I hope to take "first day of school pictures" tomorrow, so I will post them this week.

Well, our first little birdy is flying the nest. Zachary is moving to Kansas City in 2 weeks to study piano with my Aunt Roxie. Roxie was here last summer, and told Zack that if he ever got to Kansas, she'd love to work with him. He has thought about that all year, and decided that this was the time to do it, so in 2 weeks, he will drive to Kansas, where he will live with my parents, and spend the next several months intensely studying piano. He actually started school a year early, so he is only 17, so this is really a "bonus" year for him. I am so excited for him!

But our house will not be the same without Zachary. I can hardly stand the thought, and Paul has already had to fight back the tears. You can pray for us as we step into this new chapter of our lives. Paul Jr. is planning on going away to college in January, so before long both of the big boys will be out of the house. It doesn't seem possible that either one of those boys are old enough to leave.

I have a bunch of pictures to upload, once I charge my camera. :)

Good Night.

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Rebecca said...

My heart goes out to you guys. I know where you're at and I know the bittersweet feelings. The rewards come when you see them blossom, grow, sprout wings and fly...sometimes higher than you ever thought possible. Zack is a GREAT kid!!!!!